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Intermittent Catheter with Lubricating Gel

Flocath Introgel

Intermittent catheter with lubricant gel coating (pre-lubricated) and integrated urine collector

SafetyCat Active

Gel pre-coated catheter system

Intermittent Catheter with Hydrophilic Coacting

Liquick X-treme

The pre-activated, hydrophilic coated catheter

Liquick Base

The SafetyCat catheter with a hydrophilic coating

Liquick Pure

The SafetyCat for women (15 cm length) with a hydrophilic coating

Flocath Quick

Catheter with hydrophilic coating and integrated sterile saline bag

Pouch catheterisation


Catheter system developed for pouch catheterisation with 4-eyed-catheter technology

All of the above are 'no-touch' catheterisation systems.

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Teleflex Guide to intermittent self catheterisation (men)
Teleflex Guide to intermittent self catheterisation (women)
Intermittent catheter systems: our contribution to your safety & comfort

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