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Complete this form to order Teleflex Care at home products. Please provide all necessary information so that we can process your order as quickly as possible. As soon as we have received your order, you will receive a confirmation from us by email.

If the catheters are suitable for your needs, please talk to your Health Care Prescriber with the ordering information detailed on the packaging.

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Intermittent Catheter with Hydrophilic Coacting

Liquick X-treme

The pre-activated, hydrophilic coated catheter

Liquick X-treme Plus

The pre-activated, hydrophilic coated catheter with preconnected urine collection bag

Liquick Base

The SafetyCat catheter with a hydrophilic coating

Liquick Pure

The SafetyCat for women (15 cm length) with a hydrophilic coating

Intermittent Catheter with Lubricating Gel

SafetyCat Active

Gel pre-coated catheter system

All of the above are 'no-touch' catheterisation systems.

Request for documentation

Please send me the following print products:

Teleflex Guide to intermittent self catheterisation (men)
Teleflex Guide to intermittent self catheterisation (women)
Intermittent catheter systems: our contribution to your safety & comfort
Liquick X-Treme and Liquick X-Treme Plus

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