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2 Litre Drainable Night Bags

NIGHT BAGS – safety and comfort for a good night

  • high safety standard
  • secure connection to the catheter funnel due to special ridges on the connector
  • needle-free urine sampling port at the ridged universal connector provides secure protection against needle-stick injuries and infection 
  • reliable drainage due to flexible and kink-resistant 120 cm long tube
  • secure fitting of the bag thanks to a robust double hook
  • small drip chamber with non-reflux valve to reduce the risk of infection
  • bacteria-proof and liquid-tight ventilation for optimal pressure balance in the bag
  • clear graduation in ml to support urine volume monitoring
  • non-drip bottom outlet ensures quick and hygienic urine bag emptying
  • specially designed “doghouse” holder to fix the outlet tube for a clean bed periphery 
  • latex-free
  • sterile
  • single use

We care about your health and your quality of life.

Ridged universal connector
with protective cap and special connector ridges

Urine sampling port
for Luer-slip syringes without needle

Small drip chamber
with integrated non-reflux valve

bacteria-proof and liquid-tight

"Doghouse" holder
to fix the outlet tube

Non-dripping bottom outlet
slide and lever tap available

Robust double hook
for easy fastening to the bed

Clear graduation in ml
for easy monitoring

flexible and kink-resistant

NIGHT BAGS – comfort and safety during the night

Our night bags are closed drainage systems that offer a high safety standard and great comfort during the night. They meet all hygienic demands required for a proper and safe urinary drainage and so help to protect against urinary tract infections.

Threefold safe 

  • the ridged universal connector with protective cap and connector ridges, which are in the opposite direction to which the catheter is disconnected, guarantees a secure connection with the catheter funnel and is suitable for all common catheters
  • the needle-free urine sampling port allows a safe and easy urine withdrawal and supports a clean, sterile and injure-free handling
  • the small drip chamber with non-reflux valve prevents urine from flowing back from the bag into the catheter, which reduces the risk of urinary tract infection

Comfortable – the non-dripping bottom outlet with slide or lever tap enables the bag to be emptied easily, quickly and hygienically 

Reliable – a consistent drainage performance is provided by

  • a flexible, kink-resistant inlet tubing
  • a bacteria-proof and liquid-tight ventilation which ensures an optimal pressure balance in the bag 

Secure – due to a robust double attachment hook the night bag can be easily secured to the bed

Convenient – clear graduation in ml makes it easy for the user to monitor urine volume and so facilitates hassle-free self-management

Hygienic – the ”doghouse” holder, which fixes the outlet tubing, keeps the bed periphery clean and so minimises contamination and also achieves additional floor clearance


WITH Slide Tap – Latex-Free – STERILE
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WITH Lever Tap – Latex-Free – STERILE
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