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Tailor-made to your individual needs

Are you looking for a urine drainage solution that improves your quality of life?

Improving the quality of life of the user is always the focus of our product development and this is reflected in our urine collectors. Every user has his or her own personal and medical requirements. For that we offer a variety of solutions.

Safe – all designed to reduce risk of urinary tract infections

Comfortable – single-handed use possible and easy fitting for comfortable wear

Simple – easy to fit 

Convenient – clear graduation for easy monitoring of the urine volume

Reliable – flexible, kink-resistant inlet tubing ensures a steady drainage

Discreet – inconspicuous under clothing

Compatible – latex-free for improved tolerability, and skin-friendly

The quality requirements of urine collection bags that offer high safety are:

  • a connector that is suitable for all common catheters and ensures secure connection with the catheter funnel
  • a needle-free urine sampling port to allow a safe urine withdrawal with a Luer-slip syringe
  • a non-reflux valve to prevent the urine from flowing back into the inlet tubing
  • a non-drip outlet tap which can be used single-handed 

In the case of long-term urinary drainage, it is important to keep the risk of urinary tract infection to a minimum. The best protection against this is a closed urine drainage system. It meets all hygienic demands required for a proper and safe urinary drainage.

Mobile users demand high discretion, comfort, flexibility, safety and convenience of use of a urine collector. All our mobile solutions meet these requirements. They can be worn inconspicuously and secure under the clothing on different body parts to give the user maximum freedom of movement.

We strive to find optimal solutions to make urine drainage as safe, easy, reliable, discreet and comfortable as possible.

Based on advanced technology and high quality standards we offer a broad range of urine collection bags for day and night which are always focused on the needs of our users.

The product information gives an overview of our urine collection bags.

If you have any questions or need support or advice, please contact us.

Excellent design for increased safety standard

Needle-free urine sampling port
Most of our urine collection bags are equipped with a needle-free urine sampling port which helps to avoid needle-stick injuries and reduces the risk of infection. To take a urine sample, press the tip of a Luer syringe without a needle into the centre of the rubber stopper of the sampling port, turning it slightly, until it penetrates. The urine sampling port has to be disinfected before taking a urine sample.

Ridged universal connector
All urine bags with needle-free sampling port are also equipped with a specially designed ridged universal connector. It is covered with a protective cap and is suitable for all common catheters.
The connector ridges are tapered in the opposite direction to which the catheter is disconnected and guarantee a secure connection with the catheter funnel.

Non-drip outlet tap
The outlet taps of our bags are designed to be user-friendly. They are suitable for single-handed use, even with limited manual dexterity.
Most of our leg bags are equipped with an extension tubing at the end of the outlet tap for additional connections.

Bacteria-proof and liquid-tight ventilation on the bag (only Night bags)
Our closed urine drainage systems are ventilated at the bag which ensures optimum pressure balance and reliable flow performance, even under high pressure load.

How can you help to prevent infections during permanent urinary drainage?


In the absence of latex allergy, a permanent bladder catheter made of latex can be used.

Only the highest-quality material should be used for children. For children, we therefore recommend the use of a catheter made of pure silicone, even for short-term urinary drainage.


  • Always perform catheterisation aseptically, if possible with the help of a catheterisation set.
  • Use only sterile urine collection bags in combination with sterile urinary drainage instruments, such as indwelling bladder catheters.
  • Non-sterile urine collection bags should only be combined with non-sterile urinary drainage instruments (e.g. male external catheters).
  • Regular hygiene of the intimate areas is also an important measure for preventing infections.
  • Empty the urine drainage system regularly and in a timely manner before the urine comes into contact with the non-reflux valve.


  • Always make sure that the urine drainage system is fixed in place below the level of the bladder (with the exception of the Belly Bag).
  • Make sure that the tube of the urine drainage system is always free of kinks so that the urine can flow unhindered into the collection bag.

Drinking advice

Encrustations on the indwelling bladder catheter and in the urine collection bag can be prevented by increasing daily fluid intake.


  • The handling of urine drainage systems should be kept to a minimum. You should wash your hands thoroughly.
  • The connection between an indwelling bladder catheter and urine collection bag should not be disconnected without good reason.
  • Your change regime is specific to you and will have been agreed with your corresponding nurse. This regime may need interrupting on occasion in the event of a possible catheter blockage or any other adverse occurrence’s that may interfere with the drainage of your bladder.