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Liquick X-treme Plus

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LIQUICK X-TREME PLUS – elaborate design for simplicity and comfort

  • new catheter system of refined simplicity: compact, convenient, and intuitive to apply
  • designed for more independence, comfort and an improved quality of life
  • no preparation time, easy to use right out of the packaging due to the pre-activated hydrophilic coating on the catheter and the preconnected urine collection bag
  • hydrophilic coating to help enable a smooth and comfortable application
  • gentle on the urethra and the urethral mucosa thanks to the SafetyCat catheter featuring its softly rounded Soft Cat Eyes and flexible Ergothan tip
  • protective inner sleeve with blue introduction aid designed for a touch-free and aseptic insertion
  • handy, elegant, graphic design, in a discreet non-medical look
  • available for men and women

We care about your health and your quality of life.

LIQUICK X-TREME PLUS - for your independence

Modern life is complex and fast. To simplify your everyday life and make it as comfortable and independent as possible Teleflex has developed Liquick X-treme Plus, a catheter system of refined simplicity. It is designed to make intermittent catheterisation fast, simple and more comfortable.

Due to the pre-activated hydrophilic coating on the catheter and the preconnected urine collection bag, Liquick X-treme Plus is ready-to-use virtually at any place and any time – designed for X-treme independence and convenience.

X-TREME features

  • equipped with the SafetyCat Catheter with softly rounded Soft Cat Eyes
  • the flexible Ergothan tip, designed to adjust to the anatomy of the urethra and glide easily into the bladder
  • the pre-activated hydrophilic coating designed to enable the catheter to slide very smoothly
  • the protective inner sleeve, the blue introduction aid designed to allow an aseptic non-touch catheterisation

X-TREME convenience – there is no preparation time: the Liquick X-treme Plus is ready-to use right out of the packaging, without the need to burst a sachet, to add lubrication, to wait for the hydrophilic coating to be activated. The pre-activated hydrophilic coating plus the preconnected urine collection bag are designed to make your catheterisation as quick and convenient as possible.

X-TREME comfort – quick non-touch catheterisation

  • opening: the handy packaging is designed to be easy to open, even with limited manual dexterity
  • removal: instantly ready-to-use catheter system
  • unfolding: the preconnected urine collection bag for independent catheterisation
  • insertion: the blue introduction aid and the protective inner sleeve designed to allow an easy, touch-free insertion

X-TREME discretion – the Liquick X-treme Plus packaging design is not only functional but also has an elegant, non-medical look-and-feel.

Individual – Liquick X-treme Plus is available in different diameters (sizes), lengths and catheter tips.

1. Wash your hands thoroughly – before and after the application.

2. Open the package by means of the packaging hole at the sealing flap. Take hold of the system at the folded urine collection bag and pull it out from the packaging.

3. Remove the blue wrap of the urine collection bag and unfold the bag.

4. Push the catheter out of the protective inner sleeve by using the blue introduction aid without touching it and insert the catheter gently.

The information provided here is no substitute for consulting a physician and carefully reading the instructions for use.

Liquick x-treme Plus

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