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Liquick Pure

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LIQUICK PURE – pure comfort, pure independence, pure female

  • compact, discreet, convenient and safe: a novel catheter concept especially for women 
  • for more freedom and an improved quality of life
  • gentle on the urethra and the urethral mucosa thanks to the SafetyCat catheter
  • smooth and comfortable application due to an evenly applied hydrophilic coating
  • shorter catheter length adapted to the female anatomy
  • touch-free and aseptic insertion due to the blue protective catheter sleeve
  • easy-to-use packaging for short preparation time 
  • small and discreet packaging designed to appear like cosmetics

We care about your health and your quality of life.

LIQUICK PURE – designed with women in mind

Modern women are self-confident, independent and ambitious. To fit their active life-styles Teleflex has developed Liquick Pure, a novel female catheter concept which is discreet, easy and convenient to use – for women who want to enjoy their independence, mobility and lust for life.

PURE safety featuring

  • the SafetyCat catheter with its softly rounded Soft Cat Eyes
  • the flexible Ergothan tip which optimally adjusts to the female urethra and allows a gentle passage to preserve the delicate urethral mucosa
  • the integrated pouch containing the sterile saline solution which activates the hydrophilic coating, enabling the catheter to slide very smoothly 
  • the blue protective catheter sleeve allowing an aseptic insertion without any hand contact

PURE comfort – the catheter length is adapted to the female urethra for a comfortable and easy insertion

PURE convenience

  • the sealing flap allows the packaging to be opened easily, even with limited manual dexterity
  • the handy packaging also accommodates the pouch for activating the catheter coating
  • ready to use with one slight squeeze: the pouch opens and the saline solution reaches the catheter to activate its hydrophilic coating

PURE discretion – the Liquick Pure packaging is not only functional and compact but also has a cosmetic look-and-feel and fits your handbag

Expandable – if a drainage bag is needed, it can be connected with the funnel at the end of the catheter

Individual – Liquick Pure is available in different diameters (sizes) and catheter tips

The information provided here is no substitute for consulting a physician and carefully reading the instructions for use.

Wash your hands thoroughly – before and after the application.

Without opening the sterile package squeeze the pouch with the saline solution gently until the liquid reaches the catheter.

Sway the packaging and wait for 30 seconds until the catheter's hydrophilic coating has been fully activated.

Open the package by means of the packaging hole at the sealing flap.

Remove the catheter using the blue protective sleeve.

Holding the catheter by the blue protective sleeve you are able to insert it into the urethra without any hand contact.

Liquick Pure

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- catheter for women