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Liquick Plus

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LIQUICK PLUS – your choice for maximum mobility and independence

  • compact, simple, convenient and safe: An all-in-one-system for more freedom and an improved quality of life
  • provides more flexibility due to an integrated urine collection bag with volume graduation
  • gentle on the urethra and the urethral mucosa thanks to the SafetyCat catheter
  • smooth and comfortable application due to an evenly applied and silky hydrophilic coating
  • short preparation time and rapid application
  • discreet disposal
  • compact and easy-to-use packaging
  • easy handling due to the blue gripper

We care about your health and your quality of life.

LIQUICK PLUS – all in one for increased independence

People who are active and like to be out and about, need a compact and complete system for catheterisation, which is convenient to use and easy to dispose of. Liquick Plus fits all these requirements and also provides safety.

Safety plus flexibility in one set featuring

  • the SafetyCat catheter with its softly rounded Soft Cat Eyes, flexible Ergothan tip and hydrophilic coating for a gentle and safe catheterisation
  • urine collection bag with integrated pouch containing the sterile saline solution which activates the hydrophilic coating, enabling the catheter to slide incredibly smoothly - all without any hand contact

Compact – the set is packed in a space-saving manner and wrapped in a protective useful tissue

Ready to use within a few seconds – one slight squeeze opens the pouch and the saline solution reaches the catheter to activate its hydrophilic coating for a safe, smooth and comfortable catheterisation

Discreet – due to the sealing cap the collection bag can be securely closed and discreetly drained and disposed of when possible. The perforation on the bag facilitates the procedure

Convenient – the blue gripper gives a good grip to push the catheter out of the collection bag

Individual – Liquick Plus is available in different lengths and diameters (sizes)

The information provided here is no substitute for consulting a physician and carefully reading the instructions for use.

Wash your hands thoroughly – before and after the application.

Open the catheter pack by tearing the grip holes apart and remove the Liquick Plus system.

Open the pouch with the saline solution by squeezing the whole closed system. The liquid reaches the catheter.

Wait for 30 seconds until the catheter's hydrophilic coating has been activated.

Remove the adhesive strip to unfold the activated catheter.

Hold the catheter by the collection bag and push the catheter tip out of the introduction aid.

Pushing the catheter through the collection bag with the help of the blue gripper you are able to insert it without hand contact.


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- catheter for children

SafetyCat catheter
with Soft Cat Eyes and hydrophilic coating

Sealing cap
to close the collection bag securely

to facilitate emptying the collection bag

Grip hole
to facilitate handling, even in case of limited dexterity

Blue gripper
to facilitate pushing the catheter out of the collection bag

Pouch with sterile 0.9% saline solution
to activate the hydrophilic coating

Collection bag
with 1000 ml capacity to collect the urine and enable an aseptic insertion of the catheter

Graduation in ml
to support self-management