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Flocath Quick

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FLOCATH QUICK – the gentle, safe and easy way

  • gentle on the urethra and the urethral mucosa thanks to the Flocath catheter
  • smooth and comfortable application due to an evenly applied silky and biocompatible hydrophilic coating
  • safe, convenient and hygienic handling due to the blue protective catheter sleeve
  • stress free catheterisation through an extended dry-out time of the coating
  • short preparation time and rapid application
  • compact and easy-to-use packaging

We care about your health and your quality of life.

FLOCATH QUICK – smoother than ever before

Flocath Quick offers advanced technology for intermittent catheterisation to improve the user’s independence, mobility and safety – for an easier and more comfortable daily life. This state-of-the-art catheter system combines comfort and safety at its best.

Threefold safety, featuring

  • the Flocath catheter, made of DEHP-free PVC, with vertically cut and softly rounded eyes and cylindrical Nelaton tip
  • the silky hydrophilic coating, based on PVP (polyvinyl pyrrolidone), provides a fast and homogeneous hydration, superior sliding qualities, high biocompatibility and is resistant to abrasion
  • a blue protective catheter sleeve that allows safe and hygienic insertion of the catheter without touching it

Comfortable application

  • the special Flocath coating offers significantly lower friction than conventional coatings* 
  • extended dry-out time up to 10-15 minutes allows a relaxed catheterisation

Compact & discreet – compact and space-saving packaging contains all necessary components and fits into a trouser pocket

Ready to use within a few seconds – one squeeze opens the pouch and the saline solution reaches the catheter to activate its hydrophilic coating for a safe, smooth and comfortable catheterisation

Convenient – the self-adhesive patch and the packaging hole allow the pack to be fixed in place or hung up where convenient while preparing the catheterisation procedure with both hands free 

Easy to handle – the packaging hole enables the pack to be opened easily, even with limited manual dexterity

Hygienic – after insertion of the catheter, the blue protective sleeve can be used as an extension of the catheter while emptying the bladder into the toilet

Expandable – if a drainage bag is needed, it can be connected with the funnel at the end of the catheter

Individual – Flocath Quick is available in different lengths and diameters (sizes)

* Measurement of friction based on method described by the SP Swedish National Testing and Research Institute.

The information provided here is no substitute for consulting a physician and carefully reading the instructions for use.

Wash your hands thoroughly – before and after the application.

Without opening the sterile package squeeze the pouch with the saline solution gently until the liquid is released into the packaging and reaches the catheter. If necessary, fold the pouch with the saline solution before squeezing.

While waiting for 30 seconds until the catheter's hydrophilic coating has been activated, you may hang up the catheter package to prepare for the next step.

Tear the package open for a length of approx. 10 cm and remove the catheter by using the blue protective sleeve.

Hold the catheter by the funnel and slide the blue protective sleeve towards the catheter tip. Holding the catheter by the blue protective sleeve you are able to insert it into the urethra without any hand contact.

Now push the blue protective sleeve back towards the funnel to use it as a catheter extension while emptying the bladder into the toilet.


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- catheter for women

Flocath catheter
with softly rounded eyes and hydrophilic coating

Packaging hole
to facilitate opening and to hang up the catheter pack at any appropriate, convenient place

Pouch with sterile 0.9% saline solution
to activate the hydrophilic coating

Blue protective catheter sleeve
to permit an aseptic insertion of the catheter

Self-adhesive patch
to hang up the catheter pack at any appropriate, convenient place

Colour-coded funnel
to facilitate size identification