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Flocath Introgel

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FLOCATH INTROGEL – all-in-one, safe, simple, convenient

  • comfort pack for more independence and improved quality of life
  • designed for complete aseptic application 
  • soft silicone urethral insertion system helps preventing urinary tract infections
  • provides increased flexibility due to an integrated 1.3 litre urine collection bag with volume graduation
  • gentle on the urethra and the urethral mucosa thanks to the Flocath catheter
  • smooth and comfortable application due to an integrated lubricant gel and the catheter fixation aid
  • discreet disposal

We care about your health and your quality of life.

FLOCATH INTROGEL – closed system for more freedom

Users who like to be spontaneous and active choose the Flocath Introgel as this closed self-catheterisation system supports them in their mobility. The complete system consists of the Flocath catheter with insertion aid plus a urine collection bag with graduation and integrated water-soluble catheter lubricant gel: an all-in-one comfort pack with high safety standards.

Superior safety

  • the Flocath Introgel system is designed for a complete sterile catheterisation
  • a 15 mm silicone urethral insertion aid which bypasses the first section of the urethra known for high germ population helps safeguarding against urinary tract infections
  • the Flocath catheter, made of DEHP-free PVC, with vertically cut and softly rounded eyes is gentle on the urethra and preserves the delicate mucosa
  • the water-soluble catheter lubricant gel provides superior sliding quality and good tolerability

Maximum comfort

  • the catheter fixation aid enables an easy and fast insertion of the catheter
  • most gentle passage of the catheter due to the optimal gliding quality of the water-soluble lubricant gel located in the sealing cap as well as in the collection bag 
  • the 1.3 litre capacity of the urine collection bag gives the user a great extent of freedom and mobility 

Discreet – the perforation on the bag makes emptying the bag easy. The collection bag can be closed with the cap and should be drained and disposed of soon after use 

Handy – the grip hole enables the collection bag to be held and handled easily, even with limited manual dexterity

Special – a perforation on the catheter to break away the stopper makes it easy to collect a urine sample

Individual – Flocath Introgel is available in different lengths, diameters (sizes) and catheter tips

The information provided here is no substitute for consulting a physician and carefully reading the instructions for use.

Wash your hands thoroughly – before and after the application.

Remove the catheter system from the packaging and unfold it.

Take off the cap, which is filled with lubricant gel, without touching the catheter's urethral insertion aid. The catheter tip is still inside the insertion aid.

Place the insertion aid at the entrance of the urethra. Do not advance the catheter into the urethra before the insertion aid is in right position. This ensures the majority of urinary tract bacteria are bypassed.

After the catheterisation, close the urine collection bag with the cap and dispose of it soon after use.

Flocath Introgel

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- catheter for children
- catheter for women

15 mm silicone urethral insertion aid
to bypass the first section of the urethra

Catheter fixation aid
to facilitate pushing the catheter out of the collection bag

Sealing cap filled with lubricant gel

Grip hole
to facilitate handling, even in case of limited dexterity

to facilitate emptying the collection bag

Flocath catheter
with softly rounded eyes

Lubricant gel
inside the collection bag

Perforation on the catheter
to break away the stopper and facilitate urine sampling

Collection bag with a capacity of 1300 ml
to collect the urine and to enable an aseptic insertion of the catheter

Graduation in ml
to support self-management