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About us

Teleflex produces and markets innovative medical devices, thus helping to reduce infections and improving the safety of patients and customers worldwide.

The well-being of patients who are being treated at home following hospital discharge, or who require constant support as out-patients, is particularly close to our heart and is the reason we are so passionate about developing new and innovative products for home care.

The safety and comfort of the user is the focus of our work, and our aim is to provide the best possible advice and care in every situation. Working in partnership with users, physicians and other health care professionals, we endeavour to provide the perfect solution to meet each and every need.

Teleflex Care at home's wide-ranging product portfolio is testimony to our success and the considerable competence we have acquired in our core areas continence care, bladder management and tracheostomy, as well as ostomy care, respiratory care and airway management. Every day and throughout the world, our innovative solutions prove themselves to be high-quality, user-friendly, effective and safe.

As your reliable partner, we would welcome the opportunity to provide you with use-related and individual training courses in both a clinical and non-clinical setting, so you can experience the quality of our products first hand.